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  • The Decision to migrate has been made. Now What!?!

    12/10/15 3:12 PM

    You’re the IT guy and the company has been bought, changed names, or your just simply cleaning up old Ailing domain that should have gone years ago. There are a few things you need to do before seeking out quotes for software and beginning your Active Directory Migration. A few questions to ask:

    • How many users will be migrated?
    • How many mailboxes will be migrated?
      • How much Email Data do you have?
    • How many Domains will be migrated?
    • What time frame you want to complete?

    You now have your Software now what do we need to know before we start migrating.

    • What Applications talk to AD and how?
      • Are they LDAP?
      • Can they be configured with multiple domains?
      • Contacting the Vendor sometimes will help with these questions.
    • Do you have a List?
      • Users
      • Groups
      • Computers
      • Users to Computers they use
      • Users to Shared Mailboxes they use

    Having these things ahead of time will help you and your consultant move forward faster and more efficient.

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