Updating MAPI CDO

Aug. 21st 2013


Have you updated Exchange 2010 SP3? What about your MAPI CDO for you Quest boxes?  Most people forget about updating their MAPI CDO. With the latest installs I have done I have noticed that the latest updates for exchange 2010 SP3 are now requiring that you use the May 2013 update of MAPI CDO in order for MAPI CDO required programs to run.


To update MAPI CDO:

  1. Download the Latest update
  2. Stop all services that use MAPI CDO
  3. Uninstall old version of MAPI CDO
  4. Install new version of MAPI CDO
  5. Reboot
  6. Start Services that you stopped

Article By: Wayne Thompson, LeadThem Security Exchange Architect






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