Privilege Access Management

LeadThem Security provides technology, training and services to keep companies secure.  Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an important aspect of security for all companies.  It is critical that companies protect access to all of the data within an organization.  Wherever data is found, companies must balance access to data concerns and understand the privileges and rights necessary to keep sensitive data secure while permitting the valuable work of an organization to get done.

Most breaches involve compromised privileged credentials and imposters gaining unlimited access to critical systems and data.  This can have a major impact on your organization’s security and compliance, as well as shine the spotlight on weak privileged access management practices.

Our Privileged Access Management solutions mitigate security risks and help you achieve compliance by securing, controlling, monitoring, analyzing and governing privileged access to critical organizational data and applications. Our PAM solutions enable you to provide the full credential when necessary or limit access with granular delegation for least privileged access. All privileged activity is recorded and each keystroke is logged with real-time analysis of activity and data. This eliminates shared credentials and assigns individual accountability to administrator activity with the ability to detect and halt unknown threats expediently. The result is enhanced security and easier compliance with more efficient administration and governance of privileged access.


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