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  • Performing an Intra-Forest migration

    08/10/15 4:52 PM

    Performing an Intra-Forest migration is different in many aspects than performing an Inter-Forest migrations. The biggest issue that needs to be watched out for is not having two same accounts with same SIDS in both domains. That is why as soon as possible after migrating the objects they need to be deleted from the source domain. This make having a tested backup extremely important in case there is a need to back out the migration. Careful planning needs to be done when performing an Intra-Forest migration. Below are high level steps to help insure that the migration goes smoothly.

    1. Upgrade source Global groups to Universal
    2. Physically migrate all groups to target Domain.
      1. Migrate groups with Sid History and adding source members.
      2. Delete source groups
      3. Change admin point to target for all groups.
      4. Resource Process workgroup data (i.e., file servers, etc.)
      5. Execute ADPW in all domains to update group membership of Source users
      6. Optional but recommended:  Clean up sidHistory on migrated groups.
    3. Create user “stubs” in target. (i.e., Logically Migrate)
      1. Migrate user accounts, skipping sAMAccountName (migration session)
      2. DO NOT copy SID History, Password, Security Descriptor, and Mailbox.
      3. DO NOT Enable user account
    4. Resource process and move all workstations. (delete the source computer accounts during the physical migration – if QMM Directory Sync is running, be sure NOT to sync deletions)
      1. Exclude serviceprincipalname attribute from computer objects
    5. Resource process servers for ACL only
    6. Migrate users (Physical Migration)
      1. Verify RMAD session ran recently (in case of an object restore requirement)
      2. Migrate selected users with Password, SID History, Mailbox, and sAMAccountName
      3. Run ADPW with custom map to update TARGET ‘Update Group Membership”. Verify migration
      4. If SQL servers present, SQL Wizard run with custom map
      5. Delete source users
    7. Migrate Servers (physical migration)
      1. Resource Process (do not double acl, replace the acl).
      2. Join to target domain
    8. Clean-up
      1. If MS SQL present, re-run SQL Wizard with all objects.
      2. Re-run ADPW, clean up legacy memberships.
      3. Verify RMAD run and user ADPW to cleanup SID History.
      4. Remove source domain.

    Note that you may choose to “loop” on step three for sets of users at a time.  You may also choose to loop on step 2 for sets of groups at a time

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