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  • Configure Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange to Only Create PST files

    14/11/13 9:36 PM


    The 4.8 version of the Notes Migrator for Exchange has a slight “bug” in the Exchange options.


    First a little back story of this Notes Migration

    I was assisting a client that wanted to use NME to only extract data form their Legacy notes environment and create a single PST for each user/resource mailbox.


    Sure no problem, we went through the process of installing a new NME standalone server with a local SQL Express (2005) instance installed.

    While working through the initial configuration wizard of NME we “accidentally” selected one of the Exchange versions on the Exchange options tab. Once an Exchange version is selected it seemed the tool would not allow us to continue without populating the configuration, example: CAS server name, admin account name, admin account password etc.

    (Older versions of the tool allowed you to select the check box “No Exchange option”.  This option was and is NOT on the Exchange options tab.  So… (scratch head and get another cup o java).


    Let’s think about what happened, if the option is not present to skip the Exchange tab then maybe we just skip that portion of the initial configuration all together.  <wink>


    So I dropped the NME (SQL) DB from the local SQL Express server.


    Navigate to the “Application working Directory” and rename OR delete the addresstranslation.bin and the addresstranslation.tsv files.


    Launched the NME and setup a new SQL database, populated the notes server information and SKIPPED the Exchange tab all together.


    NOTE:  For an NME to PST migration some OR all of the following setting need to be added to the Global.ini file: Under the EDIT pull down menu in the NME tool.


    In the [General] section add the following:






    (Make sure to save the changes)



    Once we exported the Directory (Notes) and created an collection we were ready to migrate some data to PST.


    Using the migrate user – select your collection and during the process of creating the PST files you will

    see that NME will pop-up a window for the Exchange information:  On this screen you will see our MISSING check box:  Please select the check box “NO Exchange” and continue on.


    Author Chris Pearson LeadThem Security Architect






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