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LeadThem Security, founded by Scott Leadham in 2005. LeadThem Security is a full-service IT consulting firm with a deep expertise in  Microsoft, Oracle, Quest Software, Novell and Unix/Linux operating systems and products.  LeadThem Security (LTS) has a broad customer base both Nationally and Internationally, as our solutions are often times 100% remote.  We currently have a staff of 64 consultants who are certified on Quest Software, Microsoft and Oracle products.  LeadThem Security also operates as a training and  professional services partner with Quest Software, Microsoft, Ingram Micro, One Identity and others, along with being an authorized reseller of Quest Software and One Identity. LeadThem is a nimble consulting company with the ability to offer a wide range of services including consulting, training, managed services, and Security.

Company History:

LeadThem Security (LTS) was founded in 2005, when Quest Software requested Scott Leadham’s assistance to bring his performance tuning expertise to their customers.  Following the success of the initial partnership, Quest Software Professional Services made additional requests for LeadThem Security to take on other products in other technology stacks, eventually encompassing the over 140 different software products Quest provided.  The expansion of LTS into all areas of Quest Software’s product portfolio created a consulting company with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience while keeping the technical depth that made the company so successful.  LTS quickly became a consulting company which could leverage dozens of technology specific experts, in real time, for any specific problem a client faced from Active Directory Modernization to Exchange Migrations.

Having assembled a world class team of messaging, migration, security, and application experts led naturally to the expansion of LTS from a Quest Software – centric service provider into a worldwide consulting and training organization working directly with customers while also forming partnerships with other software companies and consulting firms.  This expansion of the business allowed LTS to delve into additional technical areas and to grow its service delivery offerings.

LTS has continued to grow independently, despite recent economic conditions that have seen other consulting companies close their doors or merge into larger companies.  We now have direct relationships with some of the largest companies in the world due to the fact that the results delivered are consistently of the highest quality.

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